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Mrs. Belloni

My name is Mrs. Belloni and I am a proud product of the Diocese of San Jose at the elementary and high school levels.  A graduate of Presentation High School, I earned my B.A. in Music with an emphasis in Vocal Performance from Loyola Marymount University and went on to continue with my graduate studies at Arizona State University, also in Vocal Performance.  Part of my studies included music education, choral conducting, music history, music theory, aural skills, sight reading, as well as performance aspects (individual recitals both at the undergraduate and graduate level, opera productions, musical theatre workshop classes, and various choral ensembles.)  Since then, I’ve stayed active performing locally both as a soloist, in community theatre shows, and in choirs as well as vocal directing on various musical theatre projects. I began cantoring at St. Joseph of Cupertino parish in 2003 when my oldest child entered kindergarten here.  A few years later, I left my career in high tech to return to my first love, music, and joined the staff here at SJC.  I began teaching at SJC in 2006 and in 2013, I became the volunteer leader of the Children's Music Ministry group for our parish.  I continue to cantor both at St. Joseph of Cupertino and at Sacred Heart in Saratoga and have had the privilege of recording at Skywalker Sound Studios with San Jose Chamber Orchestra on the oratorio Choose Life.  

Oh, and I also bake some pretty awesome chocolate chip cookies.  ;-)

I firmly believe that the future of the arts lies in the hands of our children.  We performers understand that without an audience, there is no performance.  With local theater companies closing around us and art and music programs being cut in the public schools, our culture is in crisis.  Yet not a month passes without news of another research study proving that music or another of the arts plays a critical role in children's brain development.  Please partner with me in encouraging your child to have a life-long love of the arts by being an active audience member.  Our lives will be all the richer for it.

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