Christmas Hang Ups Audition Materials

Lead Roles: (Gds. 6, possibly Gd. 5)

  ANGELA – strong actor, dancer; The angel that goes on the top of the Christmas tree

  BETH - a star (Star of Bethlehem) strong actor, dancer, sings 1 line a capella

  FROSTY - a snowman; strong comic actor; strong actor, sings 1 line a capella

  HULA GIRL – strong actor, dancer, singer.  Sings solo “All Alone at Xmas”; dances hula

  JOSEPH – strong actor; acts as an adult; possibly sings solo “He Came”

  TEX - cowboy/girl; strong character actor



Supporting Roles: (Gds. 6, 5, 4)


- Slugger (1 line) and Pitcher* (n/s),

- Lady Liberty (1 line), Uncle Sam* (n/s)

- Mickey (1 line) and Minnie* (n/s),

- Elf (n/s), Rudolph (n/s), Santa (n/s), Nutcrackers (n/s)
* These roles do not have any sides to download. 


  MARY - (n/s)* Could possibly sing “Isn’t He” solo

  PRAYER CHILD – dramatically leads group prayer at the end

  Shepherds* (n/s), Angel* (n/s), Wise Men/Women* (n/s)* These roles do not have any sides to download. 


Soloists: (Gds. 6, 5, 4)

·   “All Alone at Christmas”  (Hula Girl)

·   “He Came”  (possibly Joseph)

·   “Isn’t He”  (possibly Mary)


Dancers: (Gds. 6,5,4)


Stage Crew:  Select students from Gd. 6 only


Choir:  Everyone in Grades 6,5,4