Auditioning is an art in itself. As someone who has been on both sides of the audition table, there is nothing that scares me or excites me more than an audition... and yet the skills learned in the process of auditioning are highly applicable to so many situations in life. At SJC, your child's first audition will be in a caring, nurturing and very supportive environment with a positive outcome, regardless of any future casting outcome.

Things to keep in mind for a successful audition:

  • The better prepared you are, the better your audition experience will be and the less nervous you'll be.
  • Be positive and energetic in your audition. Never start an audition by saying that you aren't prepared or that you didn't really have time to practice. 
  • Be on time for your audition; never cancel at the last minute. Bring your own audition materials to your appointment.
  • Focus on 2 or at most 3 parts/roles when preparing for and acting audition. Pick your favorite part and practice that one the most. Memorization and familiarity are often times the tie-breaker when I'm deciding between two students for the same part.
  • Smile and look the director in the eye. Project your voice. Be louder and slower than you think you need to be when delivering your lines. Enunciate your song lyrics and sing out
  • Soloists should take advantage of classroom music time to review songs that you are auditioning for. Sing out in class!
  • For talent show, don't audition with something you are in the process of learning or just recently learned.  Audition with something that is familiar to you or something that you might have performed at a recent recital off-campus. 
  • Give yourself a pat on the back -- you went out of your comfort zone and tried something new and have an edge in life over someone who never tried out. 
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