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Christmas Musical 2019 - A Christmas Carol

Save the date for the 2019 Christmas Musical...

A Christmas Carol: 
Thursday, December 5, 2019  - 7:00pm in the Parish Hall

Please note these important dates:
TECH WEEK:  Monday December 2 through Thursday December 5th. No unexcused absences from cast members are allowed.

CONGRATULATIONS to all who auditioned!  Tough choices had to be made... Here's the final cast list.




KEVIN:          Andrew Han, Understudied by Jayant Goyal

LAUREN:       Jiyah Caban

JENNY:          Lauren Nakamura

MOM:             Anna Juul

COMPANY EXEC:   Ethan Voisine

CHOIR DIR:   Rosemary Authier

ISAAC:           Joshua Cardenas

CAROLL:       Luke Zins, Understudied by Isabella Semaan

PEGGY SUE: Abbie Carr-Lima

VAL:               Anna McCombie Understudied by Yuna Chong

TOMARA:      Cocoka Rothenberg, Understudied by Haley Kim 

MARY:                       Peyton Pritchard

JOSEPH:                     Karl Juul

FIRE CHILD:             Kai Rothenberg          

CHURCH HELPERS:  Isabella Semaan and Jayant Goyal  

TINY TIM:                 Isaiah Camero

GROWN TIM:           Michael Ghobrial

SENIOR TIM:            Anthony Byrne

HOMELESS PERSON: Connor Berntsen    


HOPE DANCERS: Mateo Jimenez, Owen Guillermo, David Jung, Pamela Wang, Lan-Anh Pham, Kalina Liu, Yuna Han

JESUS DANCERS: Melinda Hsia, Ruhi Aggarwal, Genevieve To, Kacie Yu, Kassidy Lee

 STAGE CREW TEAM: Celine Gunawan, Marlena Ortiz, Izzy Villegas-Kirchman


Please see Resources for Cast Members in the Xmas Musical 2019 "A Christmas Carol" Group on Parent Square for the most up to date posts and materials.  Alternatively, student cast members may access materials through my CAST RESOURCES site on my website.

Let's get to work and have a great show!
-Mrs. Belloni