Camel Lot Audition Materials

Download Audition Materials through the links embedded on this page. All files required for the audition for each character are in that character's folder on a Google Drive.  These files will contain scripts with highlighted lines, sheet music/lyrics, an audio file with a demo singer for practice, and audio accompaniment files without the demo singer.  Please be sure to download ALL of the files in each character's folder as you will need them ALL for a successful audition.

Note that a limited number of audio cds are available in the classroom for checkout in case the file formats attached don't work for your audio player.

Major Speaking Roles: 

Beth: A young girl in the midst of preparing for her Christmas program at school, in which she is a narrator. Enthusiastic, sweet personality, expressive.  Lots of spoken lines. 

Dad/Barnabas: He is the owner of the Camel Lot in Beth’s dream and her father in real life. Friendly, outgoing person respected by all who know him.  Older student, lots of spoken lines.

Lydia: Barnabas’ assistant in the dream and in real life. Cheerful and kind to everyone she meets. Good amount of spoken lines.

Jonathan/Jenny: He/She is a pesky young kid, constantly getting into mischief. Has to be able to sing “Here at the Camel Lot” refrain ‘a capella’.  Comic role with a good number of funny lines.

Wise Man: Speaks with authority but friendly and searching for reliable transportation.  Has the sung solo in “Follow The Star.”  Spoken part, good number of lines, with a sung solo. Best for an older student.

Brittany: Friend of Beth’s in the dream and also a narrator in the Christmas Pageant. Cheery girl and very expressive. Bigger speaking part and has to have excellent timing as speaking parts are timed with the music!  Best for an older student.

 Minor Speaking Roles:
Sarah: An assistant at the Camel Lot.  Good number of shorter spoken lines.

MatthewAn assistant at the Camel Lot. Good number of shorter spoken lines.

Rich Man: He is a customer at Camel Lot. Speaks with a sophisticated voice. Part of the upper class of “bible times.”  Good number of spoken lines, some lines timed to music.

Rich Woman: Shops in Bethlehem and at Camel Lot. She speaks dramatically about everything and also has a sophisticated air. Good number of spoken lines, some lines timed to music.

Shopper Dad: Shopping with his son for a practical and reliable camel (1 line during “We’ve Got a Camel for You”)

SonEager to purchase his first camel accompanied by his dad (1 line during “We’ve Got a Camel for You”)

GentlemanOlder man seeking out a new “sports camel” (1 line in “We’ve Got a Camel for You”)

Cowboy: Good-old-boy seeking a special camel (1 line during “We’ve Got a Camel for You”)

DeborahThe shepherdess who works in the fields with her dad’s sheep. Excited as she describes her experience that night in the field. Spoken part, good number of lines that are timed to music.

Ruth: Works with Deborah, she speaks with expression. Spoken part, lines timed to the music.

Jamie Sue:  Another shepherd, has a southern/country character voice and a perky personality.  A few spoken lines with a character voice.

Vocal Soloists: Many opportunities

"Good News" Soloist (verse 1; ideally sung by Deborah or Ruth but not required)

No Silent Night” (2 solos) O Little Town of Bethlehem & Hark the Herald Angels

"Follow the Star" soloist, verse 1 (ideally Wise Man #1)

"Don’t Miss The Manger" soloist, verse 1 (ideally sung by Beth but not required)

** Audition will be held on Fri Sept 25th 3pm in the Parish Hall**
"Follow the Star" dance - limited to 6 dancers; more complicated routine.
"Joy to the World" dance - limited to 6-8 dancers.

Non-Speaking Roles:  Students auditioning for non-speaking roles will be asked to imitate some physical gestures (facial expressions, body language, etc. during their audition.)
-Sign Holder
-2 Kings

Stage Crew: (6th graders only) 

· Stage Manager
· Props Manager
· Lighting Manager/AV
· Curtain Manager