the performing arts

Welcome to the Music and Performing Arts program at SJC!

The music and performing arts program at SJC is an important facet of the "whole child" approach to education and learning.
While at SJC your child has the opportunity to experience the joy of the performing arts in a safe and supportive community which emphasizes creative expression in a fun and nurturing environment.  Opportunities include but are not limited to:
  • Grade-level classroom musicals and plays which integrate with the science, language arts or social studies curriculum for that grade level.
  • Grade-specific music history and appreciation topics (History of Rock, Instruments of the Orchestra, Survey of American Musical Theatre.)
  • School wide audition and performance¬†opportunities such as the annual school-wide Christmas Musical and Talent Show.
  • Upper grade performance choir which competes at the Diocesan level.
  • Classroom Recorder curriculum in Grade 3
  • School Band instruction with ensembles at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.
  • Ministry service opportunities ¬†(Cantoring, Liturgical Dance, Lectoring.)
  • Field Trip opportunities to local community productions to experience plays and musicals as an audience member.